V/M Custom Boat Trailers

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The pdf files below provide detailed information about specific trailer parts used in the manufacture of your trailer.  These manuals are downloadable files that can be viewed and printed using an Adobe Acrobat Reader .


Axles, Hub/Drums, Bearings, Seals, etc.


Tires and Wheels

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Can I convert my UFP drum brake system to a UFP disc brake system?

  • Yes you can.  Remove and replace inner member.  (See page 23 and 24 of A-60 owners manual found at www.ufpnet.com.)  Modify wiring to accommodate solenoid wire on trailer and connection to back up lights on tow vehicle.  Consult a professional with electrical wiring on tow vehicle.  (See Back Up Solenoid Wiring Diagram).  Remove Hub-Drums and brake assemblies from axle.  (Reverse the installation instructions) and install disc brake parts (See page 5 and 6 of Disc brake manual).  Reinstall actuator brake line and reinstall brake lines on axle (be sure to install a flex line before each caliper or bend a coil in the existing line to allow caliper to travel at least a half an inch).  Bleed trailer brakes (see page 26 and 27 of A-60 owners manual).

2.  Do you have any maintenance procedures or instructions for UFP Vault Hubs?   

  •     Yes! See attachment.
3. Troubleshooting Reverse Lockout
4. How to care for and maintain your tires
5. Actuator manual and warranty procedures
6. Do you have an older model VM Trailer?