V/M Custom Boat Trailers

Trailer Suspension

26" Double Eye Trailer Leaf Spring
Item# AWS-Springs
Measures 26" long x 1-3/4" wide. Trailer Leaf springs are designed to absorb road shock and provide for a much smoother trailering experience. The also reduce wear and tear on the trailer and help to level the trailer on uneven or bumpy road surfaces.
  • Leaf springs mount to trailer with spring hangers or hanger kits
  • 9/16" ID nylon brushings included
  • AWS-3 leaf: 2250#/pr
  • AWS-4 leaf: 3000#/pr
  • AWS-5 leaf: 3750#/pr
Note:   To ensure proper axle alignment, spring wear and suspension performance, leaf springs should always be replaced in pairs.
9/16" x 3" Shackle Bolts & Nuts (1 Pair)
Zinc plated. For use with spring hanger brackets and equalizers. Grade 5 steel.
U-Bolts and 5-Hole Plate Kit
Everything needed for mounting springs to axle
  • 2 Square 2" plates
  • 4 U-Bolts
Zinc-plated hardware resists corrosion

U-Bolt Size