V/M Custom Boat Trailers

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that custom manufactured parts will still require 2-3 weeks lead time for fabrication and painting.  

Brake Backing Plates
Unfortunately, the waterproof brake hasn't been invented yet. Brake manufactures have taken steps to extend the service life of brakes, but eventually water immersion can cause trouble. Salt water is worse than fresh. If the actuating system operates properly, and the brakes are correctly adjusted but won't work, it's best to check the brake components, replace any malfunctioning or badly rusted parts. Disc brakes offer better service life and require less maintenance than drum brakes.
UFP Marine Grade Free-Backing Plate Assembly (10" Left or Right)
Galva-Tech marine grade 10" free backing left brake assembly. Aluminum wheel cylinder and all stainless springs.

Silver Marine Brake Assembly 10" 
This assembly contains the following:
1 Aluminum Marine Wheel Cylinder
Dacromet and Silver Powder Coat Backing Plate
Copper Riveted Pads with 2-parts epoxy shoes
Stainless Steel Springs with Dacromet Hardware. 

Please make sure you select the correct side in the dropdown below. 

Galva-Tech Marine Grade 12" Free-Backing Brake Assembly, Hydraulic/Surge Brake, Galvanized
Galva-Tech marine grade 12" free-backing brake assembly. Aluminum wheel cylinder and all stainless springs.

10" x 2.25" Hydraulic Trailer Brake Shoe & Lining Kit
Kit includes: 2 primary shoes with lining, 2 secondary shoes with lining
For 10" x 2.25" Hydraulic Trailer Brakes

WARNING: The removal of high spots on brake linings during initial break-in may result in excessive clearance between linings and drum. Therefore, brake shoe adjustment should be checked after the first 300 miles of travel. Thereafter, periodically check brake adjustment depending on service conditions such as miles traveled and downhill braking. Poorly adjusted brakes increase actuator travel and decrease stopping capability.