V/M Custom Boat Trailers

Pontoon Trailers

Our current pontoon trailer models consist of JC, Harris, Bennington, Sweetwater, Bently, Godfrey and South Bay.


Pontoon Trailers Bunk Type

VM's Bunk-type trailers, sometimes referred to as "Drive-on" or "Float-on", feature a wide base with two raised bunks that support the pontoons along either side of the boat. These trailers resemble the standard boat trailer you've probably seen before.

Towing Bunk-type trailers are more stable with towing because they are flat and wide. With this in mind, consider your typical commute when transporting your boat to and from the water. 

When Launching and loading a bunk-type trailer, you must load and launch your boat using the trailer as a ramp. This means the trailer must be submerged in the water enough to drive your boat on and off.

When purchasing a bunk-type trailer please consider your launch site. If the water is too shallow, you won't be able to launch your boat but if you have a steep enough shoreline to launch with a bunk-type trailer, this style will make your commute less stressful!