V/M Custom Boat Trailers

Family & Wakeboarding

Some people may think that all boat trailers look alike; but they do not.  Look closely at all welded areas on our trailer. Look at the quality placed in the application of the ployurethane paint and the unseen added  undercoat for added protection.  

Guide on Pocket, License Plate Light and Recessed Lights
Recessed Tail Lights, 10" Steps with 5-Bar Aluminum Tops
Weld on Bow Stand with Three Piece Rollers, Winch and Strap and Swing Tongue
Bow Stand, Winch and Strap, Three Piece Bow Roller
A70 UFP Actuator with Swing Tongue (Standard)
Standard Model G Trailer wtih 10" Steps with Aluminum Covers
Four Carpeted Bunks, Retractable Tie Downs and Transome Saver