V/M Custom Boat Trailers

Disclaimer: Due to heavy demand, we recommend ordering parts at least two weeks prior to the desired delivery date. For custom manufactured parts (Guide-ons, Axles, etc), it may take longer. If you have a deadline to meet, call us and let us know so we can best assist you in getting the parts you want in the desired time frame.

V/M Boat Trailers


As boat sales head into 2019, VM Custom Boat Trailers is here to meet your needs. Whether you're looking for a pontoon boat, i.e., Bennington, Avalon, Harris, South Bay, Berkshire, Bentley, Apex, Qwest, or a tournament surf boat, Sanger, Monterey or Centurion, please feel free to contact us for your trailer needs.

V/M Custom Boat Trailers was founded in 1967 offering boaters a higher standard of quality in custom boat trailers. Now, in its second and third generation as a family owned business, we strive in keeping the same quality placed in each trailer as the founder, Gerald Enochs, did fifty years ago. The hands on management team allows us to manage every step of production for each trailer. Contact us and let us make your boating experience a trouble free one.

For years, we've been building for some of the finest boat builders in the world: